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Yet More On SHOUTcast 2


We are continuing with our quest to gradually change over all of our streams to SHOUTcast 2 and we have now upgraded our main web site player to the new system. We would be interested to hear from anyone who experiences any difficulties with this – but think we have ironed out most of the “wrinkles”. In 85% of cases you should not find a problem with SHOUTcast 2 but there are a handful of legacy issues which is probably the price of progress!

As such, we will now gradually be reducing the capacity of our legacy streams but will leave a few running for those people who have old internet radios that cannot resolve SHOUTcast 2.


More On SHOUTcast 2 for ETS 2 Players


As previously noted, The Rock Stream is gradually moving across to SHOUTcast 2 which means the existing entry in ETS 2 will cease to work in the near future. However, it is super easy to add our new home to your ETS 2 list as shown in this YouTube Video: 

The details that you will need are as follows:

Happy Trucking!

SHOUTcast 2 in ETS 2

Move To SHOUTcast 2


Before we get too far down the road rejuvenating The Rock Stream, we thought it might be a good idea to future-proof technology!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to grapple with the new SHOUTcast 2 streaming system as there is some speculation that the original SHOUTcast will shortly be discontinued by the new owners Radionomy.

To begin with we are testing SHOUTcast 2 on the mobile player ( and if successful we will gradually start moving all of our streams over to this system.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think. . .

New Requests Gizmo

The new Rock Stream web space is moving on apace. The main site is pretty much completed at and we are currently building out the new members area! Have you tried out our new gizmo yet? Now you can pick your own songs (up to 3 per day) using our new automated feature.

Search through our database of over 4,000 rock trax. When you have found the track you are looking for, click on the green “plus” symbol. A new dialogue will appear asking you if you are sure you want to do this, click on “Yes I Am” and you are done. The next dialogue will show that “your request has been successfully placed”.

New Product In The Rock Stream Shop


Replacement for our USB transmitter (which is difficult to source at the moment and currently out of stock), this is an excellent alternative. Will transmit on a frequency of your choice on FM (87.5 to 108) via a 3.5mm jack. It also comes with a USB charger lead so can run off a PC with an audio jack close to an earphone jack and is designed so that it can also double up to plug into your mobile phone and run for approximately 2 hours without charging. The best news is that it is even cheaper than the earlier model we sold!