All Time Low Get A Lift


The indie alternative band “All Time Low” from Baltimore has recently been featured on The Rock Stream’s Singles Playlist with the promo single “Dirty Laundry”. We have now added that song with a handful of others from the band’s new release “Last Young Renegade” to our Album Playlist.

The band is a four piece that has been together since high school when they released their debut EP in 2004. “Last Young Renegade” is now the seventh album from this ever popular American band that has clearly grown in maturity. Alex Gaskarth who is the vocalist and guitarist for the group has said, “the band were concerned with pushing ourselves forward on the new album, wishing to explore some darker tones and reflecting more on my demons this time around”.

In Feburary, the band announced they had signed to Fueled by Ramen records. Gaskarth explained that following their previous album “Future Hearts”, they were unsigned and looking for a new label. He said signing with Fueled by Ramen was the “perfect opportunity and they really let us be who we want to be. There was no one there trying to shape us or guide us or direct us where to go from here.”

The band spent several weeks staying at ranches in Big Bear and Palm Springs, California. Here, they had a lot of time for “reflecting and soul-searching”. With no deadline, the band worked at their own pace. The members would turn up at midday for the sessions, “playing around ’til something cool came out”. On occasion, Gaskarth would leave the studio enthusiastic with the progress being made on the album, other times he would feel burned out, incapable of listening to music for two days in a row.

Here at The Rock Stream, we think the blood, toil and honesty shines through on the band’s latest offering and that you will enjoy the selection of tracks we have added to our Album Playlist.